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OCTOBER 28 - DECEMBER 23, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, October 28, 6pm - 9pm


Foster’s work suggests a narrative, highlighting the everyday experience through a mix of art, architecture, design and science. 

She is influenced by the things we come across walking down the street, shopping in a store, reading a book or by simply clicking on an article that pops up in a web browser.   Ephemera such as appropriated images, film stills, magazine clippings, and postcards are used as a starting point to create pieces that have the potential to be spectacular and fantastic.  Nature has become a backdrop for Foster to experiment with this material.  Glow-in-the-dark designer pets, over-the-top, solar-powered garden decorations, hybrid plants and naturally occurring spectacles, such as the red tide, the Northern Lights or a fields of fireflies all find their way in as she rethinks the meaning of landscape and the sublime.  These objects and ideas are connected and recreated on a monumental scale, highlighting their absurdity while lending authority to the everyday.  Inspired by her middle-class, suburban upbringing, she creates a homegrown project gone awry.  Irony and humor are used as tools to show the underbelly, often portraying overinflated expectations. Press Release