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Opening Reception: Friday, September 9, 6pm - 9pm

The double exhibition reflects upon the complexities of the natural world and human nature. In their distinct personal language both projects bear conceptual similarities where both artists creatively investigate the key issues of the modern life on our planet.  

Julian Montague / Landscape Features
The geological features and events that shape the physical landscape of the earth are subjects of the paintings. In their simplicity and stillness the images are meant to evoke the very slow, very long march of geological time.

Alicia Ross / The Distress of Uncertainty 
Conflict between external societal pressures and internal dialog, visually manifest into deconstructed female nude figures made up of thread and fabric. The distressed and fragmented appearance of the embroidered female forms materializes pressures placed on the physical body, and thus explores the resulting complexes from those competing internal and external strains.

     Alicia Ross, Faking Impenitence, 2016, Fiber

     Alicia Ross, Faking Impenitence, 2016, Fiber